A revived interest in drawing has brought the discipline to the forefront of contemporary arts. The 43 Uses of Drawing explores the practice of drawing beyond the paper surface, via the work of 43 practitioners working in a number of different areas. The aim of the exhibition is to ignite debate and discussion by mapping the different practices and uses of drawing across disciplines and beyond the boundaries of fine art.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Exhibitors List
Sergio Cittolin, 'Data acquisition'

The 43 Uses of Drawing exhibition showcases the work of the following artists and professionals: 

Anton Lukoszevieze- www.antonlukoszevieze.co.uk

Leon Kossoff-

Molly Crabapple- www.mollycrabapple.com
Morgan O’Hara- www.morganohara.com
Veronica Lawlor- www.veronicalawlor.com
Lauren Simkin Berke- www.simkinberke.com
Buckminster–Fuller - http://www.bfi.org/ 
Catherine Anyango- catherine-anyango.com   

VEIR 5- www.vier5.de

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